Os Florais da Amazonia |



“In the Amazon Forest I found a lofty expression of the divine, a virtuous manifestation of the power of God’s creation. The Forest introduces itself as a spiritual entity, guardian of many mysteries, a dedicated teacher.”icon_homepeq


“The heart of the virgin forest, the millennial Amazon Forest, beats with tremendous vitality and joy of living. The forest in bloom is the most representative expression of this healing force, since flowers portray the essence, the heart, the soul of the plant. That is why we bring these essences, in the hope of presenting valuable help to overcome the imbalance and suffering that pervade the cities of the world”…more

isabelbarse2“Flowers are, without a doubt, Nature’s most sublime manifestation on Earth. Within each flower is an immense creative potential which transforms into fruit or simply a seed, capable of initiating the cycle all over again. And that wonder is born, grows and perishes in just a few days, continuously. Nature unveils the sublime mystery in its manifestations. Happy are they who can understand and make good use of them for the sake of many human souls”
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